Monday, 1 March 2010

On the move

It's been forever and a day since I last blogged because to be honest, I didn't know where the pooter was. All our worldly goods and a whole heap of tip-worthy filth was boxed up at great expense and moved to our new home last month. Third most stressful thing after A) death and B) divorce apparently (or is it Christmas? No, that's the trigger for point A and B).
Anyway, it all went as well as could be expected considering it was minus 17 on the day. That's taking into account the chill factor from having the front and back doors open all day. Mental note to myself; never move in January again.
After ten hours of packing, cleaning, then unpacking and assembling beds in the arctic winds, Batboy and Diva arrive at the new pad running into all the rooms super-excited. Then the questions began; "why isn't the tele working?" "Why haven't you unpacked the boxes in my room?" There's no room for mistakes and no mercy with these kids.
On our knees with exhaustion we mumbled something like "I'll unpack you in a minute", before forcibly putting them to bed.
One month on and the novelty still hasn't worn off, we're loving the new house (mostly because we can shut all the toys and kids into the utility room).
Diva is like a kid in a sweetie shop as there's no locks on the new kitchen cupboards. She can often be found squatting in the corner of the kitchen munching a dry Weetabix or trying to gnaw her way into a packet of biscuits. She's also developed a penchant for drawing on any, and every, surface available; tables, sofas, dvds etc
So yes, our brand new show home is already reduced to a feral, crumb-covered scribble pit but we love it.