Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What the tummy tuck?

NB: Click on the picture to see the details.

One for the mums here! Yup, I'm afraid the "over the bump or under the bump" waistline dilemma continues way past actually being pregnant. Lovely stuff. Felt a bit guilty this week after accusing my fella of suffering from manflu all weekend, it turns out he's got tonsillitis and an eye infection. On the plus side (for me) it means he's been stuck at home and once the eyepatch came off I got him to give me a quick lesson in photoshop. Yey. So you can expect the Batboy chronicles in technicolour from now on - if I have time. 

COMING SOON - "Batboy gets hitched"

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Batboy & the dark night

It was three in the morning when Batboy appeared at the bedroom door and solemnly declared "I can't sleep when it's dark". It wasn't clear if it was just because the night light had died or because vigilantes only work at night, cleaning the streets of crime. Once the fug of sleep had drifted we realised it was because he'd been in bed since six in the evening sweating out a bad fever and was now feeling better and ready for books, dvds and general light entertainment. Cue "quality dad time" while I slope off to the spare room. 12 hours is enough for me, I don't do 24 hour ents.
This has been a bad week at no 44 Gotham city. It's rained all week and Batboy's been struck down by flu. At first I thought it was the man made fibres of the batsuit that was causing the sweats (we've all been there with the polyester). Then I realised it was internal, most likely picked up at that bug-breeding ground aka nursery.
Once the Calpol kicked in he would stagger off the sofa and insist I become Superman and join him in his crusade against all the baddies; Green Goblin, Two face etc. Then his temperature would go up again and he would crawl back under his blanket, which Catgirl thought was an elaborate and on-going game of Peekaboo. She would jump on top and pull it off his feverish face, creating a vicious circle of screaming and tears that could outstrip an X Factor final. 
Ah well, we're out the other side now and Batboy's having to take stock of the havoc wreaked by catgirl while he's been out of action. The Playmobil pirates have been stuffed in a teapot and Buzz lightyear is currently being held captive in catgirl's lair, wrapped in a "blankie". There's a lot to sort out but he's promised me he'll stick to the day shifts from now on.