Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Clarks farce

That's it, Clarks have blown it with Mrs B. I bet they're shaking in their well-designed footwear. Batboy was saying his pre-summer shoes were hurting, so I took him to the local branch of Clunkys footwear where they measured his feet then claimed they'd grown half a size. As there was no immediate choice other then the dullest pair of tan, can't even do it to a four-year-old, shoes we left. I then sent the old but perfectly good pair, complete with pointless flashing lights, to charity.  
Fast forward a week and I'm at the in-town, far more cosmopolitan, branch of Clunkys and they measure his feet again saying he hasn't grown at all and it's all a web of lies. They then proceed to roll out another selection of smart-casual frankenshoe nightmares.  We left in a cloud of fury, only to be alleviated by H&Mecca and a pair of cheap robot pumps. 
As it turns out we can't see the shoes anyway under the batman suit's spongey shoe covers. Why did I bother and will I get sued? Bring it on, I have righteousness and Batboy on my side...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This was classic "grannygate" with her one-track mind when it comes to bottle talk. She's got our two for the whole night in a couple of days though, so I'm saying no more, as it's a bold and heroic gesture, she's sure to regret. Me and my fella are off to a "gig" in London. I know, what the "peaches geldof" I'm I thinking. Can hardly say the word gig anymore, let alone stand and jostle with sweaty bods for four hours, do enough of that at monkey business. 
Don't know who'll be more pooped though, her or us. There's sure to be a prime granny-ism, maybe she'll send bibby 1 off to nursery with a fun-size bottle of gin for lunch (better hide my secret stash).

Monday, 21 September 2009

Going insanesburys

Siblings, the early years

New beginnings

This is it, it's the post-swine flu blog clean up. Going to start again, the kids are being dispatched into childcare on a regular basis, with strict instructions not to mention they've had swine flu. Probably a bit lost on the one-year-old but you never know what they're spongey brains are soaking up, mostly Loose Women, but hey, it doesn't do me any harm. Anyway, going to have a mix of old stuff, new bits and sketchy bits. Yey, it's all good...