Tuesday, 26 October 2010


All's good this week as it's half-term holiday and so far, touch cheaply-laminated wood table, it's going pretty well. On day one we dropped Diva at nursery and, as we aimlessly filled the morning drifting from library to Tesco, Batboy declared "this is so much fun, you come up with the best ideas mum".
Boosted by the vote of confidence I decided to up my game a bit and head for London town and the Natural History Museum. "Is this the history museum mum?" he asked as we stumble into Victoria station and the bright lights of Upper Crust and Tie Rack. Starting to despair, I had to remind myself he's only five and bribe him with sweets to keep it zipped till we get to the museum.
It was a great day though, even Diva loved it. She was fearless in the face of the giant roaring T-Rex, but terrified of the toilet hand dryer. Her survival extinct has clearly evolved to react to the modern world, so best not do any safari parks until she's read up on predators.
For now, we're just thankful she's more or less potty-trained. It has been a bit hairy this time round, with the kids engaged in near-constant bouncing, karate and pillow-fighting in close proximity of full pottys. I just pity the person that buys our rug on ebay in six months time.
So although we're loving half-term, the kids have completely taken over our house with noise, plastic chaff and paper planes. This peaked yesterday morning when Mr B went to get Diva out of bed and she said,"what are you doing in my house?" Batboy followed this up with a quick kick in the nuts with his Spongebob slippers. Only four more sleeps till school starts again.


  1. Thanks for all my lovely facebook comments:

    Yes I've read it already - best one yet I reckon Jane! xx Issi

    How did you find the time to write this?? Brilliant as always x Clare

    This made me laugh out loud Jane - brillliant. x Jo

    You are a very funny lady Jane, excellent as ever X Emily

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