Tuesday, 14 December 2010

That Xmas Factor

Hurrah, it's Christmas; a time for cheer, confusion and card-induced guilt. Batboy, who received a potted version of the first Christmas at school, reliably informed me that baby Jesus was born two years ago. Then Diva confused the Christmas tree delivery man with Santa, checking his van for presents. I had to pull her off, explaining not only is he not Santa but I'd seen better trees in a Homebase skip and he wouldn't be coming to our house again.
Even a simple trip to Pizza Express to meet friends for a holiday treat was mistaken by Diva as a trip on the Polar Express. Luckily dough balls alleviated the disappointment of not actually going to the North Pole.
The real highlight so far has to be our first school nativity - how long have I waited for this moment! Batboy chose to be a narrator, taking on the challenge of learning actual lines. I was pretty nervous about it but on the day he handled it like a pro.
Poor Mary, however, had a bad case of stage fright and pretty much disappeared into her headdress leaving Joseph holding the baby. One of the gold stars missed her cue and burst into tears and a camel kept picking its nose but they did sing their songs beautifully and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was everything you could wish for at Christmas. xxx

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